Most popular River Cruises around the world

Sensational Cruising Itineraries Uncovered

There is no better way to discover stunning riverine vegetation and estuaries than taking a cruise along with them. River cruising was not that popular back then and targeted only retirees. It has however been revamped, and new sails are being used for these itineraries. This is to appeal to young couples and families who embrace the mind-blowing voyages. This article covers the topmost river cruises around the world.

1. Volga River Cruise

Volga River is found in Europe and the longest as a matter of fact. Some people think it is the national River of Russia. Depending on the voyage followed and package purchased, the cruise could visit the Golden Ring Cities or St. Petersburg and Moscow.
A traveler gets to experience the distinctions between the old and modern Russia by following the River. The cruise could also pass through one of Russia's ornate palaces depending on the itinerary.


2. Mississippi River Cruise

What scenery would be better other than cruising on the fourth-longest River on Earth? The Mighty Mississippi traverses through the heart of America and exposes travelers to spectacular views of the countryside. Many ships and luxury boats that ply this enormous River are made to look like paddle-wheel steamboats that are old-fashioned.
This gives you a feeling of going back to a time when people enjoyed life at a slow leisure pace. Depending on the route followed, travelers have the opportunity to cruise via significant towns and cities such as Louisville and St. Louis.
You could also decide to visit the plantation homes via the cruise or maybe the battle sites at the Battle of New Orleans. Cruising on the majestic Mississippi entirely depends on how long you want it to last. You could do it for more than two weeks or just some few hours, and you are good.


3. Rhine River Cruise

This River by now is the busiest waterway in Europe. Dense shipping may seem to impact your view, but it remains the River with the most scenic views. There is so much to discover in Europe via these voyages such as vineyards to the Baroque palaces, battlefields, medieval castles, etc.
You could do a four-day cruise on the great River from Strasbourg to Koblenz and get to learn more about Europe from your point of view. The River covers five countries, and this allows you to discover different nationalities.


4. Danube River Cruise

A cruise on this River exposes you to many nationalities. This is because the River cuts across different countries which give travelers a chance to observe and enjoy different climates. This cruise usually is ideal for travelers with broad interests.
The major spectacular highlights of this cruise include medieval towns, Budapest, Vienna, Baroque monasteries, Bratislava, and also the Austrian Lake District. As the voyage cuts through the heart of Europe, you will learn and discover a lot as a traveler.

5. Amazon River Cruise

The untamed and wild Amazon River has long captured the minds of both travelers and scholars. They have longed for long to uncover the secrets that the most extensive natural forest still hides from humans. The dense jungle proves to be impenetrable at times, and the easiest way is via a river cruise. However, only the daring ones would take the journey back then as many feared the great Amazon.
Luckily nowadays travelers have a chance to enter the Amazon basin as several cruise ships make their way there. The luxurious cruise ships have air-conditioned rooms and large windows to enable you to capture the scenic views of the evergreen forest. These itineraries provide a window for scientists to discover more hidden secrets in the vast wild Amazon.


Take Away

River cruises are becoming more and more popular. People have discovered that there is more that mother nature has to offer than just fishing in a river. Travelers have also found that river cruise exposes them to a world that traveling by road would never have. There are awe-inspiring views of the riverine vegetation that you would never see unless you take on a river cruise.